xHain vs. Virus

TL;DR: We are currently producing DIY cloth masks and 3D printed face shields to give out for free to medical staff and people of high risk. We are looking for funding for the materials necessary to do so.

DIY cloth masks are needed by caretakers and people who work in hospitals and doctor’s offices, as the demand for protective gear is growing while the supplies are running out.

Makers of xHain hack+makespace in Berlin are collaborating with supporters and are sewing DIY masks out of cloth. Furthermore, we are 3D printing PET face shields, an additional protection for healthcare workers and patients.

The demand is high, as of now we have received requests for at least 1000 masks. We’re looking for people to sew: you can find instructions, video tutorials, patterns for DIY masks and pointers to filters here: . There you’ll find instructions and contacts if you have masks that need to be collected or if you are in any of the previously mentioned groups and need cloth / textiles or masks yourself.

Together with “Verstehbahnhof in Fürstenberg/Havel” and “Fachhochschule Beuth” and many more we are working on producing 5000 face shields. In case you have a 3D printer, spare material or are in need of a face shield, please contact faceshield[at]

We not only produce but also coordinate between the people that produce DIY masks and face shields and those who need them urgently. The masks and shield are donated free of charge, which is why we are looking for donations to compensate our cost of materials, meaning PET foil, 3D printing filaments, textiles, thread and rubber bands.

If you want to support this effort, please feel free to donate. You’ll receive a donation receipt, if you add your contact information to the reference.

Accountholder: xHain hack+makespace gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Bank: GLS Bank IBAN: DE72 4306 0967 1050 8465 00 BIC: GENODEM1GLS