There are tons of computer languages, and there are tons natural languages. At <div>#ling:hack, we connect them!

Time for an update

It’s been a while since the last one, so it’s time again for a quick update about what happened at the xHain and what November will bring. In November of xHain is open for half a year! We want to celebrate that on November 26 starting at 8pm! There will be drinks and music - we’re looking forward to have a great party with you. Our hardware-Park has grown considerably! Thanks to a generous permanent loan, we now have two more 3D printers, a laser cutter and a 3D laser scanner.

Let's play a game

We’ve been waiting long enough - let’s begin:

Level 16-10 (gaming evening): October 28,

From now on there will be gaming evening for nerdy games every last friday of the month. The xHain will be open from 8pm, gaming starts at 9pm.

Autumn - time for hacking and crafting!

The summer is ending? It’ getting too cold for hanging out in the park? You do not know yet how to pass the time in the fall and winter? No reason to be sad! At the xHain you’ll find a warm welcome and a lot of stuff to do and learn!

The grove is growing!

How time flies - it is already August. And altough there hasn’t been a new blog post in a while, a lot happened at the xHain.

The space has become a little less dangerous because the power supply for the tables can now be pulled down from the ceiling - no more tripping over cables lying around. Only the cable drum, which is attached to the ceiling, could use a color-make-over ;-) The projector can now come to its full potential because the screen has been installed.

Networking Basics - How does my computer connect to the Internet?

Sunday, 26. June, 5 pm

We all know how it works - you plug in a cable or type in a Wifi password, and then the icon changes, the lights turn green and everything’s fine. Or maybe it doesn’t work and you try to find the error. But how does networking function behind the scenes? What’s an IP address? How does your computer actually manage to reach the whole world? How can you check what part of it went wrong? In this workshop me, Theresa, will give a basic overview of some concepts and some programs that can help you understand your network from your computer. Then you will have time to try the programs that I’m showing on your own computer. You don’t have to be able to program for this. If something doesn’t work, we’ll help you. ☺