Time for an update

It’s been a while since the last one, so it’s time again for a quick update about what happened at the xHain and what November will bring.

In November of xHain is open for half a year! We want to celebrate that on November 26 starting at 8pm! There will be drinks and music - we’re looking forward to have a great party with you.

Our hardware-Park has grown considerably! Thanks to a generous permanent loan, we now have two more 3D printers, a laser cutter and a 3D laser scanner. One of the major projects for the next few weeks will be to take all those tools in operation and see that everything works.

To store all this new technology properly, we will have to build a shelf and a table. There are quite a few good ideas, now it is time to implement them. If you want to help (whether with the technical equipment or the furniture), contact us or just come to the xHain on a Monday evening! Help is always very welcome.

In addition, it is planned to change our door lock and finally get rid of the keys. Like any hackspace at some point we’ve now come to a point where cloning and dostributing keys is not longer working. The aim is to have switched to a different solution by the end of the year.

As in every update, we want to bring your attention to some new events:

On November 2 we’ll have the ‘Cozy Map evening’ - a meeting for geographically interested hackers. Topics include OpenStreetMap, PostGIS, Leaflet, maperitive, Inkscape and related genres. Starts at 8:30pm. And on November 16 the

#ling:hack ‘Hacking Linguistic Diversity’ - In Berlin many different languages ​​are spoken. What can you do with it? Starts also at 8:30pm.

In recent months the xHain has been frequented by more and more people, that’s why we have encountered some typical problems that arise during the course of a hackspace-life. Therefore, on November 21 there will be no open evening, but at 8pm a ‘member-only’ meeting will take place to discuss some rules for the xHain. That concerns mostly the points tidiness, ‘who can use what’ and the Code of Conduct.