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WTF are Cryptocurrencies?

We want to give you an introduction into the world of cryptocurencies. There will be a talk covering the following questions: Was are the basics of modern cryptocurrencies? What is a Blockchain? Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash. What are the similarities? Where are the differnces? What are the core-concepts.? Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake As it’s unlikely that all questions can be answered in a talk, there will be the opportunity to talk and discuss afterwards.

One year is over. Time for a party!

Wow, that was fast: a whole year is already over and the xHain is turning 1! A lot happened, a lot of impressing things were created and there is now a really amazing community. And as it should be, we want to celebrate this anniversary with you properly. Therefor you are invited to our birthday party! When? Saturday, 13th of May from 8pm Where? At the xHain of course What’s happening?

Half birthday - full Yeah!

Half birthday - full Yeah! In May the xHain was opened with a party, half a year later it is time to celebrate again - so we invite you on the occasion of our half-birthday. We took care of drinks and music, you: bring yourself and your friends! DJ Localhorst will be at the decks for us. Since May, the xHain has grown quite impressively, many new tools and features have been added, but you can see for yourself on Saturday!

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