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Covid 19 space rules - the update

As you have probably noticed, we have been holding the open evening in the xHain for some time. So far it has mainly taken place in front of the door and that actually worked fine. The goal is still, as long as it is possible, to let as much as possible take place outside. Of course, this becomes a bit more uncomfortable with decreasing temperatures and is unfortunately not a really viable option for winter or events.

xHain vs. Virus

TL;DR: We are currently producing DIY cloth masks and 3D printed face shields to give out for free to medical staff and people of high risk. We are looking for funding for the materials necessary to do so. DIY cloth masks are needed by caretakers and people who work in hospitals and doctor’s offices, as the demand for protective gear is growing while the supplies are running out. Makers of xHain hack+makespace in Berlin are collaborating with supporters and are sewing DIY masks out of cloth.

Build, calibrate, print! Fun with 3d-printers

We have come so far that 3D printers these days seem to be able to print almost anything, from toys to food to entire houses. If you are interested in the topic, if you want to get started with 3D printing and would like to get your hands on your first 3D printer, we have just the thing for you. Join us for a workshop, build a 3D printer, let us help you calibrate it properly and print your first models; then take your 3D printer home with you.

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