Covid 19 space rules - the update

As you have probably noticed, we have been holding the open evening in the xHain for some time. So far it has mainly taken place in front of the door and that actually worked fine. The goal is still, as long as it is possible, to let as much as possible take place outside. Of course, this becomes a bit more uncomfortable with decreasing temperatures and is unfortunately not a really viable option for winter or events.

That is why we decided to set up new rules for the use of the xHain interior. As before, our house rules are based on the requirements and regulations of the State of Berlin for gastronomy (

This means the following for open evenings and events: All members and guests must wear a mouth and nose cover in the xHain when they are not at the table - for example when entering and leaving the xHain, when going to the toilet etc. We will set up several tables that are 1.5m apart - the mask can then also be placed on these. At the tables, groups of up to six people can sit closer together, even if they belong to several households. So that we don’t have 5 groups of 6 people or even more people in the room, there will be a maximum number of available seats. We will see how well this can be implemented and possibly change the maximum number again, but currently we have limited it to 18 guests plus a maximum of 2 people “service staff”. “Service staff” means that at public events there is always 1 responsible person who pays attention to the observance of the rules, ventilates, allocates seats and, if necessary / if possible, brings drinks and tools to the table - to walk around in the space minimize. In addition, this person must make sure that everyone who is there is entered on the attendance list.

We are working on a solution to make places reservable and also an “occupancy display” so that there is no stress and annoyance when something no longer comes in. However, that will take a few more days until it works …

We hope that we have found a way for the xHain to stay open over the colder season. Should the corona situation change again, we will adjust the rules again if necessary.

We hope to see you soon!