xHain unlocked


the day that you have probably been waiting for as long as we have is approaching: the xHain is finally opening its doors again after around 7 months! From Friday, May 21, 2021, outdoor dining is again permitted in Berlin.

That means our open Monday evenings will be able to take place again. But now we have waited so long that we don’t want to let the weekend pass unused, so we cordially invite you to the open evening - for once on Friday.

On the 21st from 6pm we will have an open air evening. Indoor use of the rooms is not yet possible, but we will put our tables outside and anyone who needs a device, tool or drink will get it delivered to the place.

Of course we have been thinking for a while how the “revival” of the xHain should take place after the pandemic. On the one hand, we have acquired a lot of new, great stuff since the lockdown, but unfortunately some of it can no longer be used without restrictions, but requires instruction in the respective machine. For example, we have a band saw and a table saw in the basement, which is great, but if you use them improperly, you can seriously hurt yourself, if not kill yourself. In this respect, ALL members, no matter how long they have been part of the xHain, will get a tour. On the other hand, due to the pandemic, we have to adhere to numerous regulations and restrictions - for this we have come up with a hygiene concept for events in the xHain. You can find the complete one here: https://wiki.x-hain.de/de/xHain/hygiene-konzept. We will adapt it - depending on the development of the regulations – for now the most important points are:

  • Entering the xHain only for toilet visits and guided tours

  • Entry only with FFP2 mask and current, negative rapid test. On-site self-tests are also okay, but please remember, then someone has to keep an eye on that you are doing this according to the regulations, so just click an appointment in the test center at Berghain (Wriezener Carree,https://berlin.meincoronaschnelltest.de/ ).

  • if you don’t stick to the rules, you’ll have to go

We will do guided tours in smaller groups, with ventilation breaks in between.

We are really looking forward to Friday and to seeing you again!

best regards

Inés, Björn and Felix