xHain needs help! Part 2

What happened before

More information about our earlier call:

Meeting with the landlord

In late February we asked for your help to raise money to buy our space after we were approached by our landlord with their offer to sell it to us. We had to tell them by the end May if we wanted to accept their offer. On May 11th we met with the landlord and explained our plans about financing the purchase, and we agreed on a timeline of one year to come up with the money to buy the space. This is good news as our concern for coming up with all of the money in May was lifted.

Felix’s Retirement

In mid-April our founder Felix announced his retirement after 7 years as manager of xHain, saying that he would solely participate as a regular member. This is why on June 16th management will be handed over to Björn, Dave, Sebastian, Niclas, and Richard. We took this change as an opportunity to rethink our internal structures. We have been having regular meetings about forming a non-profit association (“Verein”), which will become the owner of the current structure.

What else do we do and what are our other options?

We’ve talked to Mietsyndikat and got valuable advice. We’ve made contact with very nice people with close ties to our space who are working on fundraising to buy the space.

We have also registered with the nonprofit project Haus der Statistik (a building complex near by Alexanderplatz) to possibly get a space there.

How can you help us?

  • share our call, donate your time, ask in the Matrix room “xProperty” how you can help
  • we are still very happy about donations
  • “show us the money” - tell our fundraising team where to get funds
  • contact us if you’re interested in giving us a subordinate loan
  • visit us on any Open Monday (which is every Monday, starting at 6pm)

Account holder: xHain hack+makespace gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Bank: GLS Bank
IBAN: DE72 4306 0967 1050 8465 00

Your donation is tax-deductible. We will provide the necessary donation receipt. If you would like to donate more than 5,000€, or if you would like to bind your donation to the cause of buying the facility please contact us via mail