xHain is saved!

The xHain can stay in Grünberger Straße 16 in Berlin-Friedrichshain!

The landlords contacted us earlier this week and gave us the great news that they will not be selling the space after all. In addition, we have a good chance for a long-term lease. We are currently clarifying the details. We are thankful to the owners of the property for the positive discussions.

Thank you very much to all of you for your overwhelming support and your many efforts to save xHain. As a result we have been approached by many, again and again, with lots of interest and sympathy for the future of the xHain. We take this overwhelming support and encouragement as confirmation that we as a space and as a community are doing many things very well. (We also take this as inspiration to improve where there is room for improvement.) This publicity has played a large part in the preservation of our Space.

We would like to explicitly thank all donors who have directly supported us financially. All donations that were directly designated to the purchase of the Space will, of course, be returned. With the remainder of the donations we will renovate and continuously improve our Space.

For all further questions about donations and the future of the xHain you can reach us here: hurra[ätt]x-hain.de.