You are always welcome to drop by, but we don’t have regular opening hours except for Monday evening. Many active members have a key themselves. If the space is just open or events are announced, every person is always welcome. Feel free to ask in the chat, when someone is at xHain. xHain sees itself as a do-ocracy and thrives from the commitment and ideas of the members. This means that members independently select and execute their projects.

Become a member

Members are the heart of our space. Typically, members donate €13.37 or more per month and are most active in the use of equipment and tools, as well as the design of xHain. See our wiki for more details about membership.

You can register here to become a member. You will receive a mail with all further details.

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Machines and equipment

For your projects there are the following work areas and equipment:

  • 3D Lab with various 3D printers.
  • Audio-video equipment with cameras, microphones, mixers and setup for streaming to the Internet.
  • Electronics with soldering stations and reflow oven.
  • Hobelhöhle with equipment and tools for woodworking and welding.
  • Machine room with laser cutter, plotter, laser microscope.
  • Textiles with sewing machines, overlock and knitting machine.
  • Tools of all kinds are available in the respective work areas.

The work areas and their tools are marked in color. All electric devices require a safety briefing by an authorized person. In our wiki you will find a more detailed overview of our work areas and devices.


Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Many of our events are open community events that are held at our place. You can also rent xHain as a meeting venue or space for (closed) events. If you’re planning a workshop, looking for a more unconventional meeting space, want to screen your film or advance your fan fiction in a creative environment, ask us and we’ll work out the details together.